Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as SEO, search engine optimisation is the process of looking at the code, structure and most importantly the content of your website, and optimising it to make it the most efficient it can be in terms of it's position in the major search engines like Google.

Traditional SEO

We use traditional search engine optimisation techniques that are very much based around good content and perfectly engineered web pages. The later requires that we have built your website using our leading edge technology, although it is possible (but with limited results) to re-engineer an existing site. We would need to examine the website before we accept the challenge!

Page content is critical. We may well build new pages on your website that are strongly optimised for the key phrases you are chasing. This is especially effective for localised campaigns and specific product campaigns.

Off-Site Optimisation

We also implement off-site optimisation techniques that will also enhance your web visibility. This could include public links from other reputable websites and directories for example.

Search Engine Submission

Whilst many would say that search engine submission is no longer necessary we have, time and time again, seen that submission to smaller search engines and directories can enhance listings on the major search engines.

How We Work

At the beginning of the campaign we will liaise with you to choose a set of 10 key phrases. These need to be fair and reasonable. We cannot achieve good results for bland generic words like ‘car’ or ‘happy’ but we can work with product names or services, locations, events etc. Once the project is up and running you can email us at anytime to alter the key phrases or ask advice.

You can login to our reporting account to see progress at any time. We ask that requests are made by email so there is good traceability for us both.


Our service is totally transparent. We will set-up a shared Google Drive folder that you can login to at any time. We record the website position on a monthly basis and create a graph of positions over the duration of the campaign. We also create a diary of what we are doing.


We charge £45+VAT per hour for our service. You can book from just 2 hours per month per campaign but we would recommend between 4 and 8 hours per month per website to give us enough time to make a difference. There is no minimum contract and you can adjust the amount of time we spend on SEO depending on your requirements. This make our service particularly flexible when it comes to promoting events and special offers. All we ask is that you give us 30 days notice in writing if you wish to cancel the service.

One thing we do not do...

There are many SEO ‘tricks’ (known as ‘black-hat SEO’) that have been employed over the years in order to supposedly obtain a high placement within the search engines. Link farms, white text on white background, keyword stuffing, invisible layers and gateway pages are just some of the discouraged techniques that can potentially discredit your position in the search engines. Worse still, they can get your site banned from them altogether. We DO NOT and NEVER WILL participate in any of these ‘black-hat’ SEO activities.

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